E-Waste Management Consulting for California Businesses

Businesses often need to dispose of e-waste, but aren’t sure how to do it properly. CIWA, Inc. is here to guide you, and to help develop an e-waste sustainability program that fits your business. We’re familiar with the codes and regulations surrounding electronic waste and can advise your business on how to not only ensure proper disposal, but how to cut back on your e-waste as well!

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What is E-Waste?

Services are provided by our network of licensed and insured service providers.

E-waste involves the disposal of electronic devices such as computers, phones, tablets and anything else with interior circuitry. Many of these products contain chemicals and compounds that don’t break down in nature, and need to be properly recycled to ensure these materials don’t end up in landfills.

E-Waste is regulated at the municipal level, as well as by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We work with customers to identify e-waste and create e-waste recycling programs that are compliant with state and federal disposal guidelines.

Create an E-Waste Sustainability Program

Whether you have electronics reaching their end of functional life stage or deal with e-waste in an ongoing capacity, our recycling experts are able to help you formulate a program that ensures it’s all handled properly. The core components of any e-waste sustainability program include:

  • Identification of organizational e-waste
  • Assessment of state and federal recycling codes
  • Proper pathing of e-waste to recycling channels
  • Accountability standards for e-waste handling
  • Documentation of proper e-waste disposal

From identification to disposal, we put businesses on-track to handling their e-waste according to best practices and environmental stewardship standards.

Handle Your E-Waste Accordingly

Does your business have an e-waste recycling program in San Jose or Campbell, CA? If not, it’s time to implement one, and CIWA, Inc. can help. Contact us today at 408-261-4110 to discuss what it means to have a clear action plan for e-waste in your facilities—and how to ensure environmentally sound electronic waste recycling at your business. We also offer construction recycling programs and zero-waste sustainability programs!

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