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Changing the face of recycling
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Women-owned and operated
providing zero-waste sustainability programs
Business Recycling Programs

Changing the face of recycling
Regulated Waste Programs

Recycle Today, Save Tomorrow
Monthly Business Recycling Programs

Women-owned and operated
providing zero-waste sustainability programs

Sustainability Consulting Services in California

Since 1991, CIWA, Inc. has tailored sustainability programs for businesses and organizations throughout California, including San Jose and Campbell, CA. Whether you’re seeking LEED or ISO certification, or simply looking to reduce your environmental footprint, we’re ready to be your partner in sustainable waste management. Our turnkey regulated waste programs and monthly business recycling programs address specific challenges and opportunities facing your business, and result in measurable improvements toward sustainability goals.

Customized Regulated Waste Programs

CIWA, Inc. is proud to be a leader for commercial and industrial sustainability. We help businesses throughout California become environmental stewards, reducing their impact on the environment through targeted, measurable programs. Our goal is to conserve valuable manpower, time and funds, alongside the environment.

We offer a wide range of waste management solutions, including zero-waste programs, equipment purchasing and leasing, regulated waste control, construction site waste solutions and much more. Our focus is on waste reduction, recycling and sustainability solutions that reduce your overall waste expense, while fostering an eco-friendly work environment. For over 20 years, we’ve provided services to commercial properties, tech companies, the automotive industry, chain stores, restaurants, gas stations, school districts, construction sites and government facilities.

Our zero-waste solutions help businesses in all industries and sectors comply with stringent LEED and ISO requirements. zero-waste is always an attainable goal when you have our team of experts on your side. Let us provide you with remote diagnostics and insight reporting, to help you optimize waste expenditures and reduce your overall costs. In addition to everyday waste solutions, we also offer a range of regulated waste programs. Let us help you deal with hazardous materials responsibly and according to all federal and state regulations. We take care of all aspects of regulated waste disposal, from transport to documentation, giving you peace of mind and reducing your liabilities.

Reducing Waste Costs by 15-70% Annually

If you’re looking for results in your recycling programs for business, look no further. We’ve successfully reduced waste costs for small and large clients by 15%-70% annually. Our team will develop, implement and maintain unique sustainable environmental programs tailored to your needs. Chat with us today to get started on your recycling programs for business.

Services are provided by our network of licensed and insured service providers.



We’re proud to be a woman-owned and operated business serving California clients with monthly business recycling programs.


Over 10 years Experience

Our specialists have over 10 years’ experience solving waste disposal problems.


Helping Multiple Industries

We serve a wide array of industries, from retail, education and auto to construction.


Secure Document Shredding

We provide discrete and thorough secure document shredding services for businesses.


Recycling Diversion Reports

We prepare recycling diversion reports for businesses, helping them meet requirements for LEED and ISO certification.

Decades of Waste Management Experience

CIWA Inc. has the experience, knowledge and technology to create waste management plans that save your business manpower, time and money, while mitigating environmental effects. Contact us today to learn more about our proven capabilities with monthly business recycling programs.

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