Electronic Waste Recycling in Oakland, CA

An electronic waste (it is also known as e-waste or e-scrap) is among the most serious global environmental concerns today in the modern world. The electronic waste recycling business is growing very fast and becoming more and more popular today, as volumes of electronic waste continue to increase.

Proper disposal of electronics and computer devices is very important due to the presence of toxic elements in these devices that can be dangerous and harmful to the environment and human health. The toxic elements that can be found in computers and other electronics include Mercury, Zinc, Chromium, Cadmium, Copper, Lead, and others.

CIWA (Commercial Industrial Waste Applications), Inc. is a corporation owned and operated by a woman that was established in 1994. The company provides environmental solutions and services, specializes in commercial electronic waste recycling, and creates sustainable zero waste programs tailored to the unique needs of companies and organizations that CIWA, Inc. cooperates with.


Services are provided by our network of licensed and insured service providers.

Among the services that CIWA, Inc. offers are the following:

Service Solutions

Document Destruction

Environmental and waste solutions

Waste service strategies

Leasing and purchasing

Recycling services
Waste Solutions

Waste Service Strategies

The team of professionals at CIWA, Inc. effectively implements special diversion and environmentally friendly programs that are custom fit to the unique needs of your business. Among the main purposes of these programs is to minimize companies’ recycling and waste management costs and to make sure that they are both locally and federally compliant.


Recycling Services

One of the primary missions of CIWA, Inc. is to implement cost-effective and customized recycling services that would meet the specific recycling needs of your business. Quality recycling services offered by CIWA, Inc. help businesses to reduce their waste and ecological footprint, as well as comply with any local ordinances or regulations of the state of California.


Document Destruction

Another essential service offered by CIWA, Inc. in Oakland, CA, and other surrounding areas is document destruction. Our CIWA, Inc. professionals either shred documents on-site or transport them to a certified location, where documents are shredded with a special professional industrial shredder. The shredding process is effective and helps businesses to save time because they do not need to shred piles of paper themselves.


Environmental & Waste Solutions

Helping businesses and organizations is one of the main purposes of CIWA, Inc. The services that our company offer is beneficial to both companies and their employees. For this reason, one of the CIWA, Inc.’s specialties is to use environmental applications that are focused on minimizing operating expenses and reducing waste in Oakland, CA, and other surrounding areas. With the help of these environmental applications, businesses can become more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Among environmental and waste solutions provided by CIWA, Inc. are the following: sustainability planning, Zero-waste programs, consolidated billing, and multi-location waste stream diversion reporting.

Industries Served

CIWA, Inc. cooperates with a range of different businesses, companies, and organizations, including the following: chain stores, restaurants, gas stations, commercial properties, public sector, construction sites, government organizations and institutions, automotive industry, school district, and others.

Chain stores

At chain stores, CIWA, Inc. implements a special Sustainability Management System (SMS) that is equipped with a tracking system. This system allows clients to control the environmental services of the facility and create reports online by using a special Internet portal. CIWA, Inc. also cooperates with large campus facilities and chain stores, where they apply a special bill funding service to track and audit vendors’ invoices. With the help of a Sustainability Management System, CIWA, Inc. helps their clients save a lot of time in waste management.

Commercial properties

CIWA, Inc. also works with different commercial properties and provides them with an individual recycling system. This system was created and used to meet the requirements in Oakland, CA, and other surrounding towns and areas. CIWA, Inc. also uses its Sustainability Management System that allows to track containers in real-time. Other comprehensive services provided by CIWA, Inc. include e-waste disposal, document destruction, and universal waste removal.

Public sector

CIWA, Inc. also works with government organizations and institutions by helping them incorporate zero-waste environmental values and achieve environmental and sustainable goals. There are also new programs in zero waste planning, policymaking, and comprehensive solid waste management. With the help of these programs, government clients can enjoy beneficial and environmentally cost-effective outcomes.

Industrial & Construction

Among the clients of CIWA, Inc. are also construction and industrial contractors. By offering its effective waste and recycling services, CIWA, Inc. helps save effort, time, and valuable manpower. CIWA, Inc. uses unique innovative recycling programs that address industrial and construction requirements and needs.

Unified School District

CIWA, Inc. was able to reduce the overall cost to the Unified School District from 15% to 70% of their annual waste services expenses. CIWA, Inc. was able to achieve these results through ongoing training, zero waste programs, and close cooperation with the district personnel.

Do you Need Commercial Electronic Waste Recycling Services in Oakland, CA?

Today, electronic waste is considered one of the most growing concerns in the world. If you run a business, you may need commercial electronic waste recycling services because it has several benefits.

First, it helps companies to declutter their commercial spaces and do it the proper way. Second, proper electronic waste recycling services contribute to our planet and its inhabitants and have a positive impact on the environment in general. Finally, it helps businesses become more environmentally friendly. Being environmentally friendly is good for businesses and organizations because it saves them money, increases their productivity, and allows them to demonstrate their positive actions.

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