CIWA helps Pittsburg Schools Save 65%

In a time of widespread budget shortfalls in public schools, CIWA Inc. is helping Northern California school districts salvage hundreds of thousands of dollars usually spent on waste management for use in other areas. CIWA develops and enhances “go green” initiative programs in schools and businesses to help them towards sustainability while reducing costs.

When Enrique Palacios became associate superintendent in charge of business service at the Pittsburg Unified School District, he had a hunch the district was throwing away good money on their existing waste management system. To confirm his suspicion, he brought in the premier San Francisco Bay Area waste management firm, Commercial Industrial Waste Applications (CIWA), which ended up finding ways to cut costs by a whopping two-thirds.

After conducting a free comprehensive waste assessment, CIWA set up a streamlined system that was cost effective for the supplier and added recycling educational programs for the Pittsburg school district, allowing them to redirect $804,352  from waste disposal fees to saving teachers' jobs, educational programs, and supplies that are essential for the district during the 2010-2011 school year alone.

“I knew CIWA would save us money,” said Mr. Palacios, “but I was blown away by how much they ended up saving the school district through their supplier management and careful implementation of effective green waste management programs that starts with, appropriately enough, education.”

The program CIWA implemented for the Pittsburg school district involved training the administration, custodians, teachers and students on proper waste diversion, establishing a student Green Team to ensure recyclable materials don’t end up buried in a landfill, and negotiating more favorable hauling rates with existing waste management companies. The 60 students on the Green Team earn community service hours for their work—which looks great on college applications.

“We are proud to have helped the Pittsburg Unified School District salvage so much of their waste management budget,” said Anne Lauzon, CIWA CEO. “The school district has been able to reallocate those funds for better things, like retaining teachers.”

CIWA, a San Francisco Bay Area waste solutions organization, helps commercial & industrial entities, schools, and other organizations streamline their waste management processes and flows to save money. CIWA develops or enhances existing “go green” programs, negotiates more favorable rates with existing or new suppliers, and helps clients achieve their sustainability goals - and prove their progress.

Once a performance agreement is in place and before a new client spends a dime, CIWA will evaluate the client's current garbage and recycling services, audit the service rates, research and determine the lowest possible rates, and propose a combination of services that reduces costs. CIWA is known for excellent customer service and attention that ensures success at all locations.

CIWA has helped clients like New Haven Unified School District, Alameda Unified School District, Pittsburg Unified School District, eBay, Qwest Communications, City of Pittsburg , IBM, and SAP divert the majority of their waste to recycling centers and compost facilities —saving them thousands of dollars while helping them save the planet.

For more information about CIWA’s services, which guarantee cost savings, please call (888) 249-2462 or local (408) 261-4110 or find them on the Internet at

About CIWA Inc.

Established in 1994, CIWA Inc. is a woman-owned and operated business. CIWA provides a solution network of outsourced services for clients to streamline their waste processing, lower costs, and implement sustainable recycling systems. CIWA’s application specialists have over 30 years of waste industry experience helping clients solve waste disposal problems, and can help design and implement customized applications and tracking systems for your company. CIWA serves all of California.

Pittsburg Saves 65%