How Businesses Can Achieve a Net-Zero Carbon Footprint

As businesses become more environmentally conscious, company owners are looking for effective methods to achieve smaller and smaller carbon footprints. The ultimate achievement would be a net-zero carbon footprint. However, many companies don’t know how to go carbon neutral.

If you are seeking to reduce your footprint, CIWA, Inc. is here to help. Use the following guide to learn how to be carbon neutral in your business.

What is carbon neutrality?

Carbon neutrality can be achieved by reducing your carbon footprint to zero. This is accomplished by using innovative efficiency methods and incorporating emission-reducing solutions in your processes.

How to go carbon neutral

If you want to learn how to be carbon neutral, use the following steps:

  • Define: Start by defining whether you want to make a certain product or service carbon neutral, or if you want to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint for your entire company. Defining this scope of your goals will help determine how you proceed.
  • Measure: Determine your current carbon footprint. Identify the data that is relevant to your carbon-neutral efforts and collect this information. Using this data, calculate your emissions.
  • Target: Based on your calculations, set a target. Commit to becoming carbon neutral. Determine when and how to go carbon neutral during a specified time frame.
  • Reduce: Implement emission-reducing programs to achieve your goal. Work with a local waste management company that specializes in how to go carbon neutral to help meet your goals. This process will involve seeking renewable energy and resources to reduce your footprint and emissions to make your business carbon neutral.
  • Communicate: Once you have made the efforts to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint, let others know. Develop communication tools to share your achievement with stakeholders. Let your key audiences know about your accomplishment and how to be carbon neutral.
  • Sustain: Of course, once you have reached the goal of leaving no carbon footprint, you must take steps to maintain this status. As technologies evolve and your company needs to change, you must respond in environmentally responsible ways to sustain your net-zero footprint. A key aspect of this will be proper waste management.
  • Partner: For optimal results from your carbon footprint reduction efforts, choose partners who have resources and knowledge to help you reach your sustainability goals. For proper waste management, look for a company that specializes in environmental solutions. Find a company with an established reputation that will work closely with you to achieve your zero-waste goals.


Eliminate your footprint

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