Which Sustainability Challenges Do We Need to Tackle in 2022?

A new year means a fresh start. With 2021 fully behind us, people are looking ahead to the next few months of 2022 and wondering how to improve the world and conserve the environment.

What challenges does sustainability face in 2022? Several factors (the pandemic being the main one) have complicated matters in the realm of sustainability and conservation efforts. But there is hope.

People around the world with the power and influence to affect change are working to address the many sustainability challenges that we’ll face in the coming year. This article will cover what to know about sustainability in 2022.

Plastic problems

Unfortunately, the United States led all countries in plastic waste in 2016, according to a report from the National Academy of Sciences. Americans created a whopping 42 million metric tons of plastic waste, more than the European Union and double that of China. In 2022, it is vital that Americans and their leaders address this ever-growing plastic problem.

This can be addressed by the government (through laws and regulations regarding plastic waste) and by the general population (normal people limiting their consumption of single-use plastics), but it will take a combined and concerted effort to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the USA.

Lowering the cost of renewable energy

What challenges does sustainability face in 2022? One of those challenges is the cost-effectiveness of renewable energy. Many people would be open to installing solar panels or other sources of renewable energy on or in their homes, but they stop short once they see the price tag. Like any form of technology, as the production of renewable energy sources becomes more streamlined, the price will go down, making it more accessible and financially feasible for those who want to do their part to save the environment.

Reducing carbon emissions to less than zero

Many companies today produce net-zero carbon emissions. This means that they either don’t emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere or use a process called carbon offsetting to counteract any emissions that they produce. Several countries have come out and stated the goal of having their entire nation carbon neutral by the year 2050.

When it comes to what to know about sustainability in 2022, understanding the next step in net-zero carbon emissions is important. The next logical step is climate positivity. Instead of companies and countries mitigating harm to the environment through net-zero emissions, climate positivity has them actively improving the environment and its air quality during production.

More transparency

As it stands, most businesses aren’t required to disclose their carbon emissions data, but some states are drafting laws to change that. In New York and Colorado, for instance, certain buildings and organizations are required to monitor and report their level of carbon emissions and their overall energy use. By demanding more accountability and transparency from corporations, organizations and politicians, it’s possible that 2022 could be a banner year for the sustainability of the planet.

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