How Can I Improve Sustainability in My Business?

As a small business owner, you must start moving in the direction of sustainability. Committing yourself to making some eco-friendly changes can be the first step toward improving that aspect of your business. These are the answers to some questions regarding sustainability and what you can do to improve your efforts.

How can my business be more sustainable for environment preservation?

No matter how large or small, your business can significantly contribute to environmental health. You can start by making conscious, eco-friendly choices in everything you do, and you can indirectly increase your profits by looking out for the environment and customers.

According to Looka, one out of three consumers appreciates eco-friendly options, meaning you could capture customer loyalty from many people just by offering them. 

What are ways I can make my business more sustainable?

These are some specific tips on how to make your business more sustainable:

1. Get your product source materials from ethical providers.

Your first step toward becoming more sustainable is to ensure that you deal with companies that use ethical practices and measures. Do research before choosing companies for your source material products. 

2. Use recyclable or biodegradable materials.

Choose source materials that are either recyclable, renewable, or biodegradable. The products you choose should have little to no effect on the environment and not contain any toxic substances that deplete the ozone layers.

Cardboard, paper, and degradable bubble wrap are examples of such products. Mycelium is another ingredient to look for in your products. Your small contribution will impact environmental health and can affect it immensely if other small business owners join the cause.  

You should also seek local suppliers that support eco-friendly causes. You can reduce your shipping and transportation costs by joining nearby companies with similar goals. 

3. Consider using eco-friendly packaging.

Another area where you can improve sustainability is in the packaging. You can make an effort to ensure that all your packages are made from biodegradable materials. Make small changes and slowly switch from plastics to wood pulp, seaweed, corn starch, and other biodegradable bases. You’ll be surprised how much your effort will make a difference. 

4. Make packaging trendy.

The more stylish you make bags and other items, the more likely your clients will be to keep those items and re-use them. Focus on marketing your biodegradable packages and bags in a way that makes users want to hold on to them.

Who can help with sustainability?

You can get help with advice on keeping your business sustainable or involving yourself in such practices. CIWA is a consulting company that focuses on helping businesses to launch their sustainability practices and exercise ethical and eco-friendly strategies to balance profits.

A compassionate consultant can meet with you to discuss how you can start contributing to the cause. Reach out and let someone know you’re interested in receiving guidance about sustainability, and you can begin your journey today.