What Are Some Local Sustainable Business Solutions?

At CIWA Inc., our primary goal is to help businesses and individuals learn how they can be more sustainable and help protect the Earth. We believe there are many paths to sustainability, and we work with those who come to us to help them discover the best way to get the kind of solutions they require. Today, we want to look at some myriad of ways that a small business can become more environmentally friendly and sustainable. 

Focus on the Footprint

The first thing that we recommend for businesses to think about is their overall carbon footprint. Are they truly focused on how much they contribute to total carbon in the world around them or have they even given this any thought? It is critically important that they put themselves to work figuring out what that total impact is to start working towards solving the problem. The business’s overall carbon footprint is what needs to be reduced to get started. 

Solutions Small Businesses Can Work With

There are several routes to start to fight back against the carbon that a small business is contributing to the environment. 

Offer Remote Work

Workers are increasingly interested in working remotely, which can be a great way to reduce the carbon footprint that workers contribute via their transportation needs. Why insist workers continue to travel to work via their personal vehicles and all the emissions those account for when you could simply allow them to work from home? That is the predicament many companies find themselves working through, and it is a big part of why so many are now offering remote work. 

Use Sustainable Products

Have you ever spent some time thinking about the types of products that populate your office? The things that your workers use every day to do the work that they do. Maybe there is some room for improvement with those products. If you have sustainable products that you offer your workers, then there is a good chance that they won’t even notice the difference. However, it will save the landfills from some of the extra waste that you had previously contributed. 

Start a Composting Program

Companies can do their part to spare the landfills from the excess garbage they frequently have to deal with. A great way to go about this is to start a composting program within the company. This will make it easier to keep some of the waste that would have gone into a landfill from doing so. You can compost a significant amount of that waste and feel better about the impact you and your employees have on the environment. 

Everyone can do their part. It all starts with developing a desire to make the Earth a better place. If you have that desire in your heart, you can easily begin contributing to cleaning up this planet.