Where Can I Find More Information About Zero-Waste Sustainability Programs?

Here at CIWA Inc., we help people understand how they can participate in zero-waste programs and other programs that contribute to the sustainability of our planet. The work we do is critically important to the health of the planet and the success of environmental efforts as a whole. We firmly believe that the more we do to help push the environmental agenda forward, the better things will turn out for us all. 

Zero Waste Principles

The principle of zero waste is that every community that can should work toward ensuring they don’t contribute to adding waste to our society. There is already plenty of that to go around, and it is so important to reduce the problem right away and reverse course on some of the environmental damage that has already been done because of human activities. 

A few of the principles that can help us reach these goals include:

  • Reuse
  • Reduce
  • Recycle
  • Compost
  • Design products for less waste
  • Focus on the environmental impact of everything that we do

These are seemingly small steps, but they are important ones. If communities begin to work toward these goals, then there is no question that they can accomplish huge strides from an environmental protection point of view. 

How Communities Have Defined Zero Waste

Various communities have created their own definitions of zero waste depending on how they wish to pursue this goal and what principles they believe are necessary to reach that point. Thus, it is fair to say that there isn’t a single definition of zero waste that everyone can point to and say that it is the definitive definition of zero waste. Instead, there are various approaches that different communities and entities have taken to contribute toward a zero waste environment. 

The point is that all communities need to draw upon the resources that they have available to them to make for a reduced waste environment. Put another way, it is necessary to make sure that communities are thinking about how they can reduce their environmental impact and make a difference in the communities they operate in. When they are oriented toward this type of thinking, they can get more work accomplished toward their goal of reducing their environmental impact and bettering the community. 

Small practices by everyday individuals within the community is the best way to move forward toward the shared goal of ensuring everyone can enjoy the Earth we all share. The fact that officials in communities are now advocating for these goals is a great sign that they see the importance of working together to make the environment better and more sustainable for everyone.