What Are the Top 5 Myths About E-Waste?

There are many misnomers and myths regarding e-waste. At its onset, there was some concern over how exactly to handle this new contributor to the arena of man-made waste. The good news is we have come a long way since then. So, what are myths about e-waste you should know? If you are a business owner, you may also ask questions like, what should I know about e-waste for my business or practices?

In many cases, the first step in getting to the truth involves dispelling lies and erroneous information. Here is a look at the top five myths about e-waste and more insight into the truth.

#1 E-Waste Is Destined for the Landfill

When those electronic devices die, where do they go? For far too long, people have mistakenly assumed that the majority of those devices ended up in our landfills and waste depots. The good news is today, we have many new and effective recycling programs that offer the ability to recycle 100% of all e-waste.

#2 Disposing of E-Waste Takes Work

Somewhere along the way (and probably more specifically to larger electronic devices), the rumor began that e-waste was challenging to get rid of or recycle. The truth, though, is that it is easier than ever to dispose of or recycle e-waste, and there are also more services providing e-waste disposal services.

#3 E-Waste Presents a Security Risk

Yes, not working with a reliable e-waste disposal service can present concerns. The good news is the process of cleaning and clearing personal data from our devices is fairly simple. There are also more than a few reliable and professional disposal services available.

#4 It Is Better To Recycle E-Waste Than Refurbish It

The idea of recycling is always a happy thought and makes us feel like we are doing something good and right. Although recycling is never a bad idea, the truth is it may not always be the most beneficial or profitable plan for a business. With little expense and effort, many machines like printers and scanners can be restored and offer years of use. 

#5 Only Large Electronic Devices Can Be Recycled

False. In addition to televisions and desktop computers, smaller devices like cell phones, kitchen appliances, and outdated electronic equipment are all candidates for recycling. Not only do these items have potentially toxic materials, but many of these materials can also be recycled and reused to manufacture new devices. 

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